Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm really not a big TV fan. The TV shows that I watch regularly are:

ER (since the beginning)
The Office
Grey's Anatomy (I don't really LIKE this one, but I keep watching it)
(see a Thursday pattern?)
The Rachael Ray show
30 Minute Meals

and two shows that are "biggies" this weekend:
The Sopranos
Big Love

Anyone else watch the Soprano's? I logged on last night to the HBO website and once I got through, found a lot of posters who were VERY angry with the ending, and a lot of posters who are SURE that Tony got whacked. I don't know. Though I was pretty disappointed in the final show (except for Phil's death--how awful that I was really wishing he'd get killed all episode?), I think it does let people decide how they think it'll end.

And now I cannot WAIT for the Season Two premiere of Big Love tonight! Dedicated cheapskate that I am, I was going to cancel HBO when our 6 free months ran out in May, but they offered me six more months at $10 off and I couldn't be happier. I am completely in love with Big Love! Any other fans? I'll be in front of the TV tonight at 8:00 watching :)

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