Friday, June 15, 2007

Last Day of School

The kids finished the school year on Monday (same day G. started summer school, of course).

T's final report card was all E's for academics and all V's for specials (he's consistent!) with a grading scale of:
E: Consistently exceeds grade-level standards
V: Very good, meets grade-level standards at this time
S: Meets some grade-level standards at this time
N: Needs attention

The best part of his report card was the fact that he got almost all 4's and +'s (attitude).

C. got:
Adv. Math A
Science A
Choir A
Orchestra A
Phy Ed A+
Health A
Art B+
Design & Construction A-
Social Studies A
Language (English) B+
Literature A

and all wonderful, positive comments!

I thought it would be fun to put together pics from the first and last day of school this year for each kid.

First T:

Then C:

And just because, here's M:


Stefaneener said...

They're so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow you son aged so much in one year.

Those grades are quite impressive.