Friday, June 15, 2007

Remodel: The MEGA Bulletin Board

One of the few remaining items to be finished upstairs was the spot that used to be a closet door:

(the closet attached to what is currently Grandma's room was used to make our bedroom bigger)

The contractor said that they had to special order the paneling, since that particular pattern is not made anymore. I got a lot of mixed messages from him, and the carpenter--things like "they messed up the order" and "his credit card was denied" and "they forgot to order it" and "I paid for it--I'll settle up with him" but at some point, G. said that he didn't think patching the paneling would work well anyway (how could the stain possibly match, and there'd be trim edging), and why didn't we just turn it into a big bulletin board? The contractor agreed, saying he'd pay us for the materials, and G. went to work.

He attached panels of OSB to the studs already there, and then covered the OSB with cork panels (we couldn't find big sheets of cork). Then he stained and varnished some trim and put it around the cork. Voila! One GIANT bulletin board in the office:

My plan is to use it to display all my (semi-inflamatory) political and parenting buttons and bumper stickers. I have seen SO many wonderful bumperstickers that I've wanted to buy, but not had the guts to put on my van, and I NEVER wear pins.

So if you have any cool bumper stickers or pins (left-leaning and/or APing only, please!), feel free to pass them along! (and if you're looking for a gift for me in the future, try Northern Sun)


Sarah said...

Yay. I will contribute. Lori got political!! :-)

suzee said...

We have the EXACT same problem in our family room (except it was a heater that was removed, not a closet). I like your solution!