Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Hand Model in the future?

Don't we all want our kids to do better than us? We know that they're smarter than us, cuter than us, more creative than us... But C. took it one farther :)

I have *always* hated my hands. I have short, stubby fingers and my fingernails are paper-thin and square. Here's a shot of my hands on a Very Good Day:

As a child, I loved my mom's fingernails. She would complain that she had to file them all the time because they grew so quickly and were so hard. Well, it appears that C. has inherited Grandma's fingers. Check it out:

Is it fair that an 11 year old child has such beautiful fingers? She's definitely done better than I! :)


Stefaneener said...

I have the exact same issue, plus bony veiny crone-hands. We call them my Peasant Square hands. But Thing 1 has long, long fingers, lovely curved nails. . . Not fair, but nice for her.

New Mama said...

I have a similar issue...I have always hated my light-brown eyes with my non-existent lashes. My baby boy has the most beautiful dark brown eyes and the longest lashes I've ever seen. People comment on them all the time.

How fair is that?