Monday, September 25, 2006

Ball Band Swiffer cover

Shortly after buying Mason-Dixon Knitting and becoming addicted to the ball-band warshcloth, I found this post, showing a ball-band swiffer cover. Brilliant! I (along with many others) requested the pattern, but never received it. Then someone posted another (similar) picture on the MDKAL
and she shared the pattern! I knit it exactly as stated, though she wrote it to cover her mop, which is not the same size as a swiffer. If/when I make a second one, I'd do one extra row of the ball band bumps (so 7 instead of 6). I also used a double strand for the ball band bumps, thinking it would be more textured and would work better to scrub the floor. This was a quick and easy project and a lot of fun!


Stefaneener said...

The thought of spending my knitting time doing this makes my head hurt. That's what old t-shirts are for!

You do, however, do a lovely Swiffer cover.

hakucho said...

I'm so happy your cover turn out so nice! Love the's almost too pretty to clean the floor with. Now I have to make one double stranded. Thanks for the tip!

hakucho said...

Would it be ok if I add your photos and a link to your blog in my new photo gallery? Please email me if you are interested. My email address is in my blogger profile. Thanks :)

happy knitting :)