Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School!

It's off to a good start. Both kids woke up easily and got ready with time to spare! The rain held off so at least drop-off wasn't wet (we'll see what happens this afternoon). Here's the traditional first day of school in front of the birch tree photo:

And pics of each kid with the neighbor they'll be walking/biking to school with:

It's now 7:00 pm and they're home and we've gone to Culver's for our first-day-of-school celebratory supper. Both had great first days. C. couldn't stop talking about how much fun Middle School is, how many new friends she's made, how much she's looking forward to FACE (they get to make cookies and pizza!), and how nice her English teacher is. T. said his desk is between two girls but his teacher is very nice and he sits pretty near a good friend. Both of them had some small amount of homework tonight, but no complaints so far!


Abby said...

They look good! I'm struck by how green everything is there. Is it normally this green in September, or have you had a lot of rain?

Stefaneener said...

We're having our "not back to school" picnic. Maybe I should start taking pictures?