Friday, May 18, 2007

Remodel: The Couch Shuffle

OK, so I showed pictures of how we moved the futon from the basement upstairs into the office/computer room/Grandma's room:
But this left a basement rec room without a couch. Our blue sofa (how we love it...), which was purchased when we were first married, has seen better days. It has springs poking out of it (we've snipped them) and rips more than I can mend (I've tried!). However, it makes a wonderful basement rec room couch:
Moving a couch out of the living room left a big hole--not to mention not enough places for everyone to sit. So we'd been looking at sofas for about the last two months. We wanted something cheap (uh, yeah... that home equity loan? let's just say that remodeling costs a LOT more than the construction costs) because we can't afford much, and our kids are really too young for us to expect them to do things like keep feet off of furniture and not eat in the living room. We were hoping for something not awful and micro-fibery (like the couch we bought 2 1/2 years ago to replace a recliner sofa that ate children's legs). FINALLY last week we found something.... Cream-colored leather, removable cushions, and $448:
The shuffle is done! :)

In other remodeling news, we're putting our bedroom together. No pictures today because I want to wait until we have everything moved and installed and re-wired and such. However, we need to get a move on, since the carpet will be installed in the girls' room on Tuesday and we need to clear out that room, rip out carpet, and paint!


Abby said...

I love it!

suzee said...

You are doing the whole house! Wow. I'm impressed at your stamina and enthusiasm. It's going to look great.