Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Good News...

Many of you know (and have seen pics) that T. has been growing his hair for over two years. He has fantastic, thick, shiny, slightly wavy, amazing hair. G. says it came from the fourth dimension, and in a way it really did (since the fourth dimension is time, and it's the same hair my dad had...T. likes it as his connection to Grandpa, who died when T. was only four).

HOWEVER, my children don't really like to have their hair....uh... taken care of. They hate haircuts, hate washing it, and especially hate combing or brushing it. T's hair had reached a point where it was a battle every day, and it was also so long that he was overheating when playing soccer or running around at all. We brought up the idea of Locks Of Love, which is where C. and I had both previously donated. He took a bit of time accepting the idea (cut ALL that hair?), but he thought it was a nice thing to do for kids who didn't have his gift of hair.

We chose a date--after the Spring Sing (because the third graders were doing a 60's number and he wanted his hair long for it). Of course, that date was yesterday. It had taken so long to get him used to the idea, that I didn't want to delay (and he was READY to have the hair gone). So despite all the vermiculite stuff, after tutoring last night I cut his hair.

The before pics:

The during pics:
oooh... maybe a mullet?
Or leave a tail? (that's for Uncle Rich)
He weighed himself before and after and lost a full POUND of hair!

The after pics:

It has been the strangest thing! When he was a baby/toddler, he wore his hair like that all the time, so the hairstyle isn't really new. And the face isn't really new. But he has matured SO much since the last time that he had that hairstyle that it's a really bizarre thing to look at him!


New Mama said...

Wow, nice haircut! And he's still a cute kid. ;)

Abby said...

How cool! LOL about the mullet and tail. And great job cutting that yourself. The side burns look so even - I could never do that.

Michelle said...

Wow, he really does look a lot older! I like his haircut a lot.