Monday, May 21, 2007

Remodel: The Bedroom is Done!

OK, there are a few more tiny things, and we don't have anything hung on the wall (we'll order some photos to frame and want something big and funky to hang over the big wall that the bed's on), but we moved up Friday night and spent most of the weekend doing all those last things to make it liveable. We:
varnished the last window
hung shades (including a trip back when they cut one wrong)
hung curtain rods, ironed curtains, hung curtains
moved LOTS of heavy furniture, assembling some new stuff
moved lots of clothing, rearranging so that things fit (our new closet is about half the size of our old one)

OK, so here's the grand tour, starting at the doorway and moving clockwise around the room:

*little "sitting area"; we might bring in the matching obnoxious (but very comfy) green chair that's currently in G's office so we can both sit and relax :)
*then there's a big wall with not much other than windows; then the bed, flanked by two cute little bedstands :)
*if you walked out the door to the bathroom (on the right in the picture above), you'd look in and see:
*in the little nook/corner is the "entertainment center" (a splurge to get the cool wall-mount thing):
*and then turning to look back to the first wall and the sitting area:There's still some miscelaneous stuff to find places for and put away, but we're up there!

Tomorrow the shower door gets installed, so I'll do final pictures of the bathroom then.


Abby said...

There's that cool bedding I admired so many months ago! It all looks great!

Cee said...

Very nice! It looks HUGE! :-)

New Mama said...

Awesome! I won't tell my husband about the TV -- he'd be very jealous. It's one thing he really misses with us co-sleeping with TV-watching in bed!