Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My flowers

As posted earlier, not all of the bulbs that I re-set last year came up. Actually, most of them came up, but less than half bloomed this year! Does anyone know if it's possible that I traumatized them in the move and that they'll recover in a year or two? It seems like I remember reading that somewhere. Or maybe I planted them too deep? Anyway, lots of green, but not a lot of blossoms. Here's pictures of some of the things blooming, though.
And my forget-me-nots are AWESOME! I wouldn't mind if they took over my flower beds. I remember my Grandma having lots of forget-me-nots and I loved them!
G. bought some tomato plants at his school's Ecology Club plant sale, and since the remodeling isn't done in back and I don't want to risk planting something and having siding dropped on it, I thought I'd put the tomatoes out front--in the middle of the flower. We'll see how that works!

Unfortunately, that one truly invasive, awful plant that I can't identify to save my life, poked through all the paper I laid down under the mulch :( so I wasted three bags of mulch and it's still coming up! I even sprayed it with Brush-B-Gone, which is supposed to kill, well, BRUSH! It still didn't work.
Finally, I transplanted mint, too. I see two plants came up. I think I must be the only person in the world who can't grow mint! Everyone else calls it invasive, but I'd love for it to take over around my patio. No luck...


mamafitz said...

that invasive plant you can't identify needs to be pulled up all the time. we had it really bad here, and a few years ago i ripped it all out, turned the dirt around, picked out all the roots, and started over. i still have to pull them now and then, but it's not bad -- not even close to what you have pictured. david tried spraying it with stuff, and i tell you, the only thing that works is pulling them all up and digging in the dirt for the roots. they send little runners out. (oh, i don't know what it's called either)

i think your bulbs will be fine and bloom better next year. i know when i move plants around, the next bloom isn't that great.

amy said...

I don't know about moving them, but we didn't get any tulip blooms and very few daffodils this year because of the late freezing :-(

Your flowers look amazing, and your son is extremely handsome - hope he has a great birthday.

Abby said...

The garden looks beautiful, Lori. I love those tulips with the spikey tops. We have some invasive stuff too that I just have to keep pulling. Nothing gets rid of it.