Sunday, May 13, 2007

Remodel: Another Weekend Update

It was another weekend filled with "little things"

We got all the doorknobs installed:
G. put the towel rack on the back of the bedroom door:
And he put up the weatherstrip and foam on the back of the storage area doors (they're not insulated, so it gets very hot--or cold--in there)
And then we set up one of the new dressers, which looks REALLY cool. On top of it you will notice the phone, modem, and router (and a baby monitor). G. wired the phone line and we got a second wireless desktop connection so that the main computer doesn't need to be physically attached to the router.
That meant that I could set up the computer in the "existing bedroom", which will from now on be known as the computer room (or the guest room, or Grandma's room):
Note the old kitchen table for doing homework (kids or G--for correcting papers). We also brought up the futon:And the file cabinets, that used to be in the attic due to lack of space, are now out in the open:
I've spent much of the evening tossing out stuff from those file cabinets (like owner's manuals to things we haven't owned for years) and shredding things with our names and credit card info. on them. I still have lots to go!

We also picked up some new blinds for the kitchen and dining room (not hung yet), and a flat of impatiens that I really should have planted today (since it's supposed to be 80 degrees and storming tomorrow). Not enough hours in the day!

But the upstairs is getting to be NICE! :) It's exciting...

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Cindy said...

It must be so much fun moving stuff in!