Thursday, August 17, 2006


I am slowly working on the socks from my dye-o-rama yarn. It's my fall-back project! I do a few rows every now and then. Here's the picture of them so far:

I wish I was a better judge of how much yarn I have left. I think these would rock as knee-highs! But do I have enough to make them knee-highs? I'm thinking probably not.... So I still don't know how to end them! And that's why I'm plugging along, two rows at a time. :)

Now, the tank. I love this pattern (FTMP) and I adore the yarn. After I knit the back, I wasn't sold and I didn't like how stretchy it was, so when I did the front (which is the exact same pattern as the back, but it continues where the back is bound off), I did two major differences. For the first row, I knit into the back of every stitch. It made a really cool, tight edge that shows off the seed stitch sections, making them kinda three-dimensionalish. Secondly, I bound off quite tightly for the armpits and the neckline, so it didn't sag. I think that worked really well, too! Look:See how it curves in on the bottom and the top is tight? cool... Only about 11 more inches of straps to knit, too.

But I started thinking that I'd have to knit over the back to make it match. Part of me hoped that it wouldn't be necessary, as it's the BACK, right? Well.... check this out:

I guess it's a good thing that I really like this yarn, huh? :) I'm also happy that the back is shorter, so it'll take me less time to knit. Live and learn. :) I have become an expert at tinking on this project, too. Oh, and dropping single stitches down and then picking them back up through numerous rows. :)

And you know how I posted that the kids only seem to play with legos at Grandma's house? Well, my living room floor has been coated in legos for the past two days. Be careful what you wish for!

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Stefaneener said...

I just love it when life and knitting hands you those little lessons. Frog away! It's going to look great.