Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another Trip to the Zoo!

We went to the zoo again yesterday. This time we met the cousins (G's sister and her three kids; G's brother and his three kids plus one of their cousins on the other side). The kids had a blast, despite the sogginess of the weather. Here's some kid pics:

We also got to see the Birds of Prey show. The three bigger boys wanted to sit away from the rest of them. I thought they looked like a gang of young toughs:

G. volunteered for the show and he got to hold a soda can for a crow to grab and deliver to the recycling bin. Here are two pictures of him--one seconds before the crow landed, and one as the crow grabbed the can.


New Mama said...

G. is one brave guy! Birds freak me out.

And hooray for lots of cousins! Poor Henry got shortchanged on that one. :)

Stefaneener said...

It's so nice to see cousins! I'm looking forward to our reunion next week.

amy said...

I keep meaning to say how cool T is with his long hair. I like it!