Monday, August 21, 2006

The more you spend, the more you save, right?

Let me begin with a little gripe. Why do car manufacturers put P.O.S. tires on new cars? Our van is four and a half years old and the Civic is THREE and a half years old, and both of them have horrible tires. Like the kind of tires where you try to start from a four-way stop and if it's been raining, you can't get going right away. ugh! So we knew this, and "budgeted" (as much as you can) for new tires for both vehicles this fall (before the snow comes). But then we realized that it's a lot easier to have car repairs done in the summer, when G. is off of work and we can easily run one vehicle up and not have to spend hours and hours sitting while the work is done.

This weekend both Sears and Fleet Farm had sales on tires, but since Sears is a five minute drive (and Fleet Farm is a 20 minute drive) we went to Sears. First the van. Buy three tires, get the fourth free (woo hoo!). Add in valve stems, alignment, tire disposal and a million other little things and it added up to $465.57 (saved $103.99). After I paid, the machine shot out two things--a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase elsewhere in Sears today and a $5 off any purchase coupon if I took a phone survey. I did the survey, and C. and I went shopping! We found her first-day-of-school outfit:

Cute khaki green capri-length pants (regularly $26 for $15.60) and a brown, 100% cotton, lace-trimmed tee (regularly $18 for $10.80) with a picture of a *horse* on it! (click on the pics to see bigger images) With tax and after coupons, just $17.32.

Three hours later, G's car was done. Same deal with buying 3 tires, get one free. Total of $357.86 (saved $69.99). Two more coupons. Shopping for T. He got a picture day shirt (regularly $22 for $8.99), socks that he needed (regularly $7.99 for $5.99) and another "dressy" t-shirt (reg. $9.99 for $2.49):

Then I went searching for something for me, to bring it up to $25. I am SO excited to say that I found something I'd been looking for all summer long: black cotton gauchos with a roll-top waistband (regularly $36 for $7.99)! Better yet part--they are a size XS! I am *not* an extra small size, but I'm happy to wear one that's cut generously to make me feel good ;) Total of $16.33 for second set of purchases.

Grand total if there were no discounts: $1112.74
Grand total after discounts: $857.08
Savings: $255.66

(see, now if I'd just have posted "I saved $255.66 today", you'd have been way more impressed)


sewingsuzee said...

Spend on, wondergirl! You XS super hero, you!

Stefaneener said...

You are such a shopper. I would have been in tears by the end of the first go-round: "Take my money, just let me go home!!!"

Nice t shirts, though ; )

Abby said...

LOL. This makes me want to go shopping today! I need some back-to-school students are coming back, right? ;)