Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tank top progress and a poll!

I finished the back of the tank top last night. I believe I found an error in the pattern, too. I've emailed Berroco to see if it's a true error, but from the looks of the pattern, each of the little inserts should be seed stitch, and the pattern had the middle inserts (three of them) being knit as ribbing. Of course, even though I *thought* that was what they meant when I read the pattern, I didn't decide for sure that it was wrong until I'd gone four rows into the repeat. BUT it gave me a chance to drop stitches and pick them up individually--a new thing for me. We'll see if it actually worked when all is said and done!

I love the feel of this yarn when it's knit up. It does untwist quite easily (especially when picking up individual stitches!), which is frustrating when trying to knit while doing something else.

One question/poll for knitters or just parents:
A girl (woman) that I used to babysit for from the time I was eleven years old is having her first baby and I wanted to make a MDK baby kimono for her. The first kimono that I made was out of the SugarNCream yarn, which is cotton, but not really soft. I have no money to buy more yarn now, but I have a big stash of SNC and also a lot of hand-me-down "baby" weight acrylic. Which would you rather have a baby kimono knit from--a soft acrylic or a less-soft 100% cotton?

And, finally, with the new computer, C. has been working on updating her blog more. I know that comments would probably encourage her writing, and they're just so much fun to read, anyway ;)


mamafitz said...

i'd rather have a less-soft 100% cotton, but i'm an admitted natural fiber snob. :)

man, is it ever hot?!

Stefaneener said...

Depends. How soft is the acrylic? Any wool content? Is the baby due in the winter? Does the cotton soften with washing?

You could ask the mama.

amy said...

I'd rather have the less soft cotton.

That tank top is so cool! I didn't know you'd started that.

Abby said...

I think I'd rather have the cotton, too.