Friday, August 18, 2006

RIP, "You Knit What"

Ever since You Knit What decided to call it quits (exactly two weeks ago), my days have been missing that early-morning laugh-your-head-off-at-someone-else's-expense bit. But I think I found my replacement: Threadbared! It's not just knitting--some crochet and sewing. And they're vintage patterns, not current... but they're still damned amusing! check it out


sewingsuzee said...

Oh, this is perfect. Wonderful! Thanks, L! I need a LOL moment every morning.

Stefaneener said...

Oh, good. Thanks. Have you seen Stitchy McYarnpants' Museum of Kitschy Knitting?

bfmomma said...

I have not seen Stitchy McYarnpants'... off to google now!