Friday, August 04, 2006

knitting post

First of all (thanks to all who responded), I decided not to even make a baby kimono. Yeah, I know... it's adorable. Really, it is! But I was a bit afraid that I would run out of yarn, and I don't know if the baby is a girl or boy, and I hadn't tried some other MDK patterns yet, so I decided to do a burpcloth and bib set :) These are my two least favorite colors in the world, and yet I think they look kinda cute together. I'm improvising on the bib and I do NOT like how the sides are looking. Can anyone tell me a better way to put side-stripes? I was wrapping the yarns around each other so there wasn't a gap, but that looked messy, so I switched to knitting one row of 3 stitches yellow, then 4 stitches yellow the next row, but it's still looking funky :( HELP!

And I may go back (for awhile--till someone gives me good advice on the bib) to working on the tank top. I really like how much better the bottom looks on the front part (I knit into the back of every stitch on the first row as opposed to knitting regular on the back). See how much neater it is? Do I want to frog the WHOLE back piece now? I'll have to see if it's noticeable when I'm all done, I guess. It's the process, right? The joy in knitting--not the finished project :)


Rawmilkstar said...

I love the new profile picture. You are such a prolific knitter! I seem to only have the desire once the weather cools down.

sewingsuzee said...

Great colors, but you know how I feel about orange. :-)

I would go back to wrapping. If they're wonky, something's wrong - the wrapping is not really a wrap, just a quick swapping of position for one of the strands.

And remember, knitting is about the process. :-) If it wasn't, we'd just buy all this stuff!

Anonymous said...

re: your big ? using the yellow border. You need to cut the yellow border yarn and use two sources. Then, when you get to the white part, you'll twist the yellow, drop it and continue on with only the white. When you get to the other border, you'll twist it with the upcoming yellow, drop the white, and knit on with only that yellow. Does that make sense? If not, e-mail me back and I'll try to be clearer. This is a cinch!!! You can do this easily. No need to carry this yellow and waste all of that or make it look messy with the white throughout the whole thing!

Good luck!!!

debbie said...

I really didn't mean to be anonymous. You can e-mail me back at


Stefaneener said...

Ummm, well, it's both. I like the process but I darn well want to love the product.
It's just me though. See how it looks.