Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An update on M.

I feel as though this blog has been taken over by food, with none of the cute kid stories I originally promised. :) So here's a slice of what's happening with my youngest.

M. caught a cold about a month ago. She handled the sneezing and runny nose pretty well, and fought that off after about a week, but she got this cough that just wouldn't quit! Finally after a few nights where her coughing kept all of us up, I took her in to the doctor last friday (by the way, she's 31 lbs. still). Her lungs sounded bad, so the doctor put her on a five day course of prednisolone. I don't even want to say the "a" word (asthma), but I have to remember that her brother had an "asthmatic incident" when he was two, so it doesn't mean she's got asthma. It seems to have worked almost instantly, but my formerly-potty-trained girl suddenly started having accidents again. From further reading and questioning (and then calling the doctor back), it appears that one of the side effects of this medicine is higher urinary output. I think she's getting it back under control, but we had a rough couple days because when she was potty training and having accidents due to being too caught up in play to stop, we would remove a priviledge (whatever she was doing at the time of the accident) for a week. After five accidents in a row, we realized something more was going on, but she said "I know... no reading for a week". Poor sweetie! I think/hope she's on the mend now. I didn't hear a single cough last night (knock wood) and she is done with the medicine.

M has really enjoyed riding her two-wheeler bike. Toward the end of the summer we got out the tag-a-long and she enjoys that even more! It's a lot easier to run (local) errands with her on the bike. She had been doing so well that we decided to try taking the training wheels off of her bike and did so last night. It didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped! She actually took off right away, but as soon as she realized how tippy the bike was, she had a really tough time. The afternoon finished with her requesting her tricycle again.

And M. is officially a reader! She had been doing some "reading" (sight words mainly) for the last month, but in the past two weeks, she has just taken off and there's very little that she cannot sound out! We had to go to the library again yesterday and had to up our 5 book rule to a 10 book rule because she's reading everything in sight! It's so cute and so fun to see her reading early (like her brother) and loving it (like her sister).


Stefaneener said...

Gotta love that early reading (says the nearsighted me). It's just so. . . self-entertaining.

Abby said...

Go M!