Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My daughter the vegetarian

I didn't post about this right away, but it's been almost a week, so I guess I can say that C. has become a vegetarian.

I kind of saw it coming, as her best friend (since they were three) is a life-long vegetarian and C. has the love-of-animals thing. But for a long time she was quite the carnivore! Then she experimented with being "a vegetarian unless you cook some meat that I really, really like" :) But she has turned down meat at several meals now, and even ate a Boca bratwurst last night when the rest of us had meat brats.

So far it hasn't been too tough. We had mexican food and she had beans instead of chicken. We ordered pizza and got some w/o meat toppings. We had steak and she ate all the side dishes. Tonight will be spaghetti and she'll skip the meatballs... But I'd love to hear any helpful tips from parents of vegetarians (especially when the rest of the family is NOT).

Here are some pictures from an impromptu get-together of C. and some friends from Saturday. They had chocolate fondue:


Stefaneener said...

As a mostly-vegetarian for so long, I can emphatically state how grateful I am for sweets and fruit ; )

I'm thinking that someday I may want to go straight to "pastryarian," except for the damage to health and waistline.

It is easy, and a great way to get a child to cook for the whole family.

Abby said...

That fondue looks yummy. We have the same type of family situation - Sean being a vegetarian with the rest of us not. We've gotten used to it - it's pretty easy to just cook things separately. Of course, I don't cook meat much anyway (I hate handling raw meat).

sewingsuzee said...

Same here. It's not bad, but I don't cook for A. She either eats around the meat or cooks for herself, or sometimes (sometime!) cooks for all of us.