Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ham and asparagus crepes

(the picture shows one not rolled to illustrate the fillings)


3/4 c. flour
1 egg
1 c. milk
2 T. melted butter

Mix egg, milk and butter. Whisk into flour. Lightly butter and heat a 6 inch (nonstick) fry pan over medium heat. Pour about 3 T. of batter into the pan, and tilt the pan to get a light layer of batter on the bottom of the pan. Cook until slightly brown, then flip and lightly brown the second side. Set aside until all crepes are cooked


Chopped leftover ham
steamed asparagus
shredded cheese

Cheese sauce:
make a white sauce and stir in shredded cheese of your choice.

A note on "make your own" crepes:
I used to fill the crepes and roll them, then top with cheese sauce and bake them all. This time I decided to do "fill your own" crepes. It was a much bigger success! Each person chose how many fillings to put in each crepe and whether to top with cheese sauce or not. We did have to microwave them for about 15 seconds to get everything to the same temperature, but that was fine. This meal was a HUGE hit (who'd have guessed?) and I should make a double batch of crepes next time because I thought I'd have leftovers for breakfast the next day, but they were all eaten!

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