Monday, October 30, 2006

A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

A few weeks back we met the cousins at the pumpkin farm. This particular pumpkin farm is Retzlaff's and we had visited it last year (with the same cousins) and were sad to read that the farm was closing due to a subdivision going in where it was located. As it turns out, the owners bought even more land at a farther-from-the-city location and re-opened this fall.

Some pictures from that day (click on any to make the picture bigger):

And our favorite part (last year as well as this year) is this crazy entertainment...thing...called "Kids Are People, Too!" which is a bizarre music and game extravaganza that includes a lot of kids (and a few parents) in the show. C. and T. got to participate in the twinkie relay. Their cousins (K. and K.) each did a music thing. The older K. led a dance and the younger K. played the tambourine.

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