Saturday, October 07, 2006

More MDK knits

First, a felted box.

I was not real impressed with these the first hundred times I read the book Mason-Dixon Knitting. :) But then I thought it might make a nice gift to put some warshcloths in a felted box. I love the way that Paton's Classic Wool felts, so I decided to use it. I cast on for a small box, but it was knitting up so tiny that I frogged and cast on for the biggest one, using three strands of yarn held together. Here's the "before felting" picture:

It measured 8" x 9" x 6 inches tall.

And after felting:
It measures 7" x 7" x 4". It felted a lot less than the purses I've made! Don't the colors look cool all blended? I am unhappy with one corner, though. I don't think I tied off the corner tightly enough when I sewed the seam... Experienced felters, could I use (unfelted) yarn and re-tie it and re-felt it?

And, finally, I tried a M-D warshcloth. I fought it for awhile, because it starts with "cast on 150 stitches" and the second row has funky bobbles and then two rows later there are YO's... But I stuck with it and after the YO row, it goes very quickly and it's an easy-to-follow pattern. My brain has been so drained lately that I haven't wanted to have to follow a pattern, preferring mindless knitting. After those first rows, I was back to the mindless knitting! :)


hakucho said...

I really like your washcloth. The swirl you ended up with is a really nice effect! I'm not an expert in felting, but if it were my box, I would secure the corner and put it throught the felting process again.
Good luck and happy knitting :)

Abby said...

Great bowls. I love the swirl in the dishcloth, too. I haven't tried the MD diishcloth yet.

Dar said...

Cool! I love the box!

Your blog is showing up weird for me again.... I have to scroll all thre way past the menus on the left to get to the content, which is aligned left.

Stefaneener said...

I've done the re-felting thing and it works okay. I'm not feeling the washcloth love, but I'm the only person in America who hasn't. What do you think it is with the fried brains? I've been feeling like an IDIOT lately. Not great for knitting.

amy said...

hey, you did the round dishcloth! Somehow I missed a bunch of your posts - looks great. I want to do those boxes, too. Ryan throws *everything* so we need as much soft stuff as possible.

I have a irl friend with a long-time veg daughter, so lmk if you'd like her email. I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you - it's Cathy from apmoms, the one who never posts.