Friday, January 20, 2006

January 9, 2006

M's Birthday Party
Whew! Survived M's birthday party! That's not really fair... It was a very fun time. With everyone being sick, we haven't "entertained" for a long time.
My SIL called on Saturday and invited us to their house for supper that night (45 min. drive) and we went. :) We had a great time, but it seriously cut into my cooking and cleaning time! So I came home Saturday and baked the cake (half chocolate; half white) and made the meatballs. Then I went to bed. Sunday was a flurry of running to the store(s), cooking and cleaning. G did the majority of the cleaning (except the kitchen and bathroom) while C and I decorated the cake... wait! here's a picture of it:

Her party had a farm theme.
Food-wise, here's what we had:
big bowl of cheetos
pretzels and cheese spread
bagels and spinach dip
tortilla chips with fiesta party dip and guacamole

Italian saladveggie tray w/ dip
Italian breadLight wheat bread
Spaghetti w/ red sauce (some with meatballs; some without)
Baked macaroni and cheese
Pesto cavatappi pasta
And of course birthday cake with ice cream for dessert.

Here's a picture of the birthday girl, wearing her new dress--which matches her Bitty Baby (baby Molly)'s outfit.

She got some cool gifts!
*new jammies and a flower child outfit
*Dora the Explorer magna-doodle
*Cranium Cariboo game
*Barrel of Monkeys
*soccer uniform for Jump-Jump (her Build-a-Bear frog)
*Backpack from Dora
*two Dora books
*painting set

Now blowing out her candle:

C and her friends had so much fun doing farm-themed games (I'm not sure what all they did, but they made stick ponies and played "hot piggie" and did some farm animal beanbag toss thing).

Oh, and I have to share something that blew my mind... M was playing with her new Dora magna doodle thing and she drew this blob-like thing and asked me to guess what it was. I guessed a mountain, Boots the monkey, etc. Finally, she said "no, it's a PIG! Here, I'll write 'pig'" and she wrote a "p". I said "i" and she wrote "i" and then I said "g" and she wrote a backwards "G"! I was shocked! And then immediately crushed that she did it on a *magnadoodle* so I couldn't save it... C's 10 YO friend said "take a picture of it!" so I did. And now I'll share it:

OK, enough bragging. Here's some more cute pics from the party:

M took that last one herself! :)

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