Friday, January 20, 2006

January 1, 2006

First of the Year: Resolve to actually write in the blog...
Alright, here we go...
I feel better physically than I have in three weeks (after 3 days of antibiotics for a secondary sinus infection after a dreadful cold), so of course Target called...
This was the second day of 75% off Christmas clearance, so I really didn't get too much. Stuff (at the Northridge Target) was pretty picked over. Everyone must know about the "hidden deals" because the only thing I found was a box of Pepperidge Farm gingerbread people... Well, here's everything I got and the 75% off price:
Simpsons Xmas Boxers (Mistle D'oh!) 1.99
2 more boxes of 100 mini multi lights for the tree 0.47 ea
page a day Sudoko calendar 1.99
several more farm-themed things for Mira's party bags 0.25 ea.
The Gingerbread cookies 1.37
1 roll of solid green wrapping paper for b-days 0.74
TOTAL: $8.40 on the pharmacy gift card :)

I just wish I knew when it was going 90% off... I refuse to buy gift wrap or labels or bows unless it's 90%! :)

This week's Michael's ad had a 50% off coupon, but only good Sunday and Monday, so Cara and I had to stop there. I bought a skein of bright pink wool yarn (Paton's Classic) for $2.49, thinking I'll stock up and eventually have enough to knit a felt purse/bag. This is the one I really want to make: but I'm open to suggestions for a better beginner bag...

While I'm on the topic of knitting, I might as well share pics of my latest projects. I was feeling so crappy before Xmas that I didn't get to make scarves for the kids' teachers. So I emailed them and asked if they would like a scarf or something else hand-knit and that I'd happily work on it over break. C's teacher said that she had once sat on a plane near a woman who was knitting socks and she was fascinated by it and has wanted hand-knit socks since.

I'm actually pretty happy with the way they turned out. Look at how closely the patterns matched up (the yellow heel; starting and ending with blue...)
My only complaint is that the yarn I used is NOT sock-weight yarn and so they're pretty bulky. Someday I'll splurge on REAL sock yarn from the LYS and try it with smaller knitting needles.
I used Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Lucky and this pattern:
I did the upper part with size 5's and from the heel down with size 4's so it was a bit tighter knit.

The other thing I'm working on is a golf club cover for this Goliath golf club that DH got for Xmas (it's too big for his regular covers to fit). Unfortunately, I started it while in the midst of some sickness and/or med-induced space place, so I forgot to do straight ribbing before switching to the spiral ribbing... I'm hoping I can go back and pick up stitches at the bottom and add on the straight ribbing at the end. I'm using this pattern:

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