Friday, January 20, 2006

January 19, 2006

Happy (belated) birthday to me...

OK, so it's a day late, but yesterday was INSANELY busy, so I couldn't write.
This is going to be a greedy, materialistic, all-about-me post! (hee hee...) I can do that sometimes, right?
First my presents:

I got a beginning pilates DVD (for when I can't get to Curves), a down throw (the green thing) cuz I'm always cold, a magnetic knife holder (see right) and a set of All-Clad stainless pans!!! (woo hoo!). The set has a 10" frypan, a 2 qt. saucier with lid, a 3 qt. saute pan w/ lid, a 6 qt. stock pot w/ lid and a 13" x 20" nonstick grillpan (with two bright red oven mitts). :) I am SO excited to get rid of my annoying non-stick Pampered Chef pans... ugh! Oh, about the magnetic knife holder. I'd gotten one for Christmas and all my "regular" knives fit on one, but I wanted one for my steak knives to free up even more counter space. So I got a second one! This is what the inside of my cabinet door looks like now.
And I got beautiful handmade cards from my kids. M's has a picture of her friend on it, T's says "Happy Birthday from Rachel Ray" and C's has a version of the birthday song with "yum-o" inserted in various places.

OK, since I'm rambling about myself endlessly today, I might as well talk about my plans for "the rest of my life". It has come to my attention that my baby will be in school before too long and that I'd always thought I'd return to the work force when my kids were in school. I'm still not really sure what I want to be "when I grow up", but I will say that, for the first time in ten years, the thought of working a semi-regular job doesn't scare the crap out of me. So it must be time to at least consider what I'll do when I go back to work. Furthermore, C's orthodontic bill (and we have two other kids!) and our wish/need for a second bathroom have made me realize it's not just a possibility, but a probability!

So what to do? One of my online friends shared her thoughts on become a Physician's Assistant (PA). A lifetime ago, when I was still a pre-Physical Therapy major, I'd thought about becoming a PA if I didn't get into the PT program. Well, I didn't get into the PT program, but I became a high school Science teacher instead! So I looked into PA programs. The only one that isn't too far away (I'm not leaving my family!) is at a private college, is 3 years (including summers), and is REALLY grueling (my SIL went there). Don't know if that's possible as I would like to continue my relationship with my family! Another thing I considered (at various stages, including when I decided I wanted to be a lactation consultant) was a Nurse-Practitioner program. Of course, you need to be a nurse before you can be an NP, so I'd have to get a nursing degree. BUT that could be done at the State University that's a stone's throw from here. Not sure if I'd want to be a nurse, though... There is great flexibility and huge demand... That program requires a bunch of prerequisite classes (all of which I've taken--things like Stats, Anat & Phys, Microbiology, etc.) but it requires that they be taken no more than 5 years before beginning the program. (damn!) So I might look into the possibility of taking a few of those classes if they'd also count for my continuing ed. classes for teaching certification. I figure I could sub or teach parttime while taking some classes and if I found that I still liked teaching, I'd stick with that, and if not, then go the nursing route.

That's just my current thinking. Of course it could change at any moment.

Enough about me. Time to head to the library for story time!

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