Friday, January 20, 2006

Everything's moved over...

Woo Hoo!

I'm officially a "blogger" and no longer a "xanga"... Just moved all my posts from Xanga over. If you're looking for a site to start a blog, I'm pretty happy here! It's a lot more customizable (without costing money) IMHO.

I found a few good bargains today.
Red and green 18 gallon totes for $2.44 each. I got two!
Red glitter shoes (ala Dorothy from Wizard of Oz) for M. $3.24 (she just outgrew her size 7 dress shoes)
Black footless tights for M (0.98)
Women's size S fleece jacket in green for C. ($8.48)
Some cool tops for DH (won't explain in case he reads this) $3.24 ea.

At the grocery store, I won't explain all that I bought :) but I saved $51.71 on a bill of $89.24 (that's after savings). Not my best, but not bad.

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