Friday, January 20, 2006

January 2, 2006

How exciting--Grocery Shopping Day!
Target hasn't gone 90% yet (I keep checking the MyCoupons boards) so I'll have to pacify myself by grocery shopping :)
Today I spent $64.42 and saved $46.95 using coupons and in-store specials, etc. If I hadn't gotten crazy about organic dairy products (a friend of mine who used to work in microbiology explained how dairy is the WORST when it comes to dangers of buying non-organic), It'd be even cheaper, but a few bucks a week is nothing to protect my family.
Big deals of the day:
*Chicken breasts, thin-cut chicken breasts, chicken tenderloins, regularly $4.99 a lb. on sale for $1.99/pd! I bought 5 lbs..
*97% lean ground beef at $2.39/lb
*Xmas and New Year's stuff 75% off (I bought napkins, plates, solid black tablecloths and a plain white serving tray at $0.40 each)
*Flintstones gummy vitamins (my kids love these) $1 off in-store coupon plus $1 off manufacturer's coupon=$4.49
*Duracell 4 pk. of C-cells on sale for $4.29 plus $0.75 coupon
*Entertainment book $5 off $50 purchase
I got one more certificate for the Bag of Dreams thing, bringing me to 15 total, which will earn me a $35 gift certificate next week! wooo hooo!

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