Friday, January 20, 2006

January 6, 2006

Target Christmas 90% off!!!!!
OMG, my head's still spinning.
Let me start by saying that today is M's 3rd birthday. My BABY is now three... I have no more babies and will have no more babies. I have a big girl. Pictures of the 3YO below, but I wanted to say that, in honor of her third birthday, I *only* hit three Target stores (I was home by 10:30 and she often sleeps that late, so I didn't miss much of her birthday). While the three year old plays a game of Uno Attack! with her daddy, I'll post my finds.
First the picture:

Everything was 90% off, so I'll include only the sale prices
Funky champagne flutes (4) with multicolor dots on them 1,79
Mini red & green lights, sets of 100 6 at 0.18 ea.
Mini solid white lights, sets of 100 3 at 0.18
Spiral tree made of rope lights (wanted one forever!) 1.99
wine-colored poinsetta (velvet) thank you cards 0.29
Soft-side travel cooler with 4 travel games 2.00
Deluxe trunk organizer 1.00
Travel cooler/warmer that plugs into cigarette lighter 3.00
Lip smackers 3 packs 3 at 0.39 ea.
Choxie cube 0.50
Choxie cookies 0.80
Choxie sampler of chocolates 1.20
Choxie peppermint cremes 1.20
Choxie espresso truffle 0.50
Assorted Xmas wrap in rolls (batman, starwars, etc.) 5 at 0.29 ea.
Roll of gift tag labels 0.19
Bag of gift bows (60) 0.29
Funky cordial glass set (4 glasses--I'll use for desserts) 1.29
Xmas return address labels 0.19
Twisted Whiskers day by day calendar 0.79
Rainbow colored wine glasses (set of 4) 1.99
Creme Brulee set (torch w/ 4 ramekins) 1.99
Charlie Brown Xmas t-shirt, size L 0.99
Homer Simpson Xmas t-shirt, size M 0.99
Xmas martini beverage napkins 3 at 0.19 ea.
M&M lip smackers set of 3 0.49
Full-size flannel sheet set (Sleddin' hill) 1.99 (my favorite buy of the day!)
Cherry candy canes 0.19
Raspberry candy canes 0.19
Cell phone/MP3 player holder for car 0.50
Oreo (2) mug and cookie gift set 0.99
Tiny ornament set of 50 (C's mini tree) 0.99
Grand total (drum roll please....) of $34.94
AND I had my Target gift cards from our credit card company, so nothing out of pocket!
Alright, to finish up, here's a few pics of the birthday girl:

Off to play with my three year old! Probably more to post after the celebrations!

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