Friday, January 20, 2006

January 12, 2006

And she remains the petite-y sweetie!

We had M's 3 YO well-child check today. She's healthy as can be! I am continually amazed at how we could have three kids and one of them was average (50th %ile), one off the charts (big) and now one off the charts (small).

Comparing the three kids' stats, we have:
Age Three Stats
Kid Height Weight
M 35" 29 lb.
T 38 1/2 " 41 1/2 lb.
C 37" 31 lb.

(I do want to add in that T weighed over M's current weight--that is, 29 lb., 3 oz.--when he was 15 months old!)

She's so much fun... And so very, very three-years-old! I was talking with a friend who also has a daughter M's age, who is the third kid. I'm amazed at how much "older" stuff M knows because of having older sibs. She's going to be the kid that her classmate's moms won't let their daughter play with! Her current favorite musical group is Green Day. Luckily she doesn't know ALL the lyrics yet...

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