Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation, Day Three (August 11)

The third day of our vacation was a rainy one. It was kind of nice to relax and just hang out at my mom's house. The kids played with legos (they are SO much more fun at Grandma's house), and I read, finishing The Other Boleyn Girl (which was EXCELLENT!), and then knit some.

G. and I got a mini "date"--we went into town for coffee at the Hurley Coffee Company, and then headed to Dunham's, where G. found a Christmas present!

In the afternoon, the rain stopped briefly, so the big girls and I walked to the neighbor's place. They have a big, beautiful house, lots of land, five (I think) private ponds, and a fantastic garden! They sent us home with a tomato the size of Mira's head, some zucchini, and pickled green beans. It was fun to visit because my first babysitting job was for the girls who lived there, and the older of the two has her own baby now--who we got to meet.

And the final (and necessary) part of the day--supper--was picked up from two local favorite places--pizza from The Bell Chalet, and pasties from Joe's Pasty Shop.

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Abby said...

I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl, too, and am now reading The Boleyn Inheritance. I love historical fiction.