Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Craft Meme

Snagged from Grumperina, originally from BellaKnitting, I guess.

Four choices--list crafts that you are familiar with, in the categories you'd choose:

1. Love it! This is my thing.

knitting, cooking

2. I do or have dabbled in it.

embroidery, cross-stitch, macramé, quilting, sewing, dyeing, felting, gardening, origami, rug hooking, scrap-booking, baking, cake decorating, balloon animal making, pottery painting, calligraphy, collage, photography, stenciling, acting, music (flute)

3. I'll give it a try.

card making, spinning (some day!), crochet, wood carving, pattern-writing, graphic design, music (guitar)

4. I've got absolutely no interest.

weaving, flower arranging, doll house making/decorating, etching, glass blowing, glass bead making, lace-making, mosaics, pottery throwing, soap making, basket weaving, book binding, candle-making, stamping, needlepoint, jewelry making, papier-mâché, paper-making, painting, drawing, cartooning, doll/toy making, film-making

I tag MamaFitz, RawMilkStar, PancakeGoddess, Suzee, and any others who want to play!

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