Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Pay-It-Forward Meme update

If you read my post on the Pay-It-Forward meme, you know that I've been working on some knitting.

Nikki chose this reusable grocery bag:
Delana wanted some felted bowls, which I completed:
And MamaFitz's socks are about 15% done:
This has been really fun!

I did want to let anyone know (who wanted to do this, but missed being one of the first three) that both Delana (who is a wonderfully gifted knitter) and Nikki (who has Passions stuff up for grabs, as well as coffee and tea!) have space (currently) in their memes if you want to get in! In addition, another friend is participating and SHE has space, too. Check out RawMilkStar's pay-it-forward meme here.

p.s. I did receive my PIF gift from Mo, but it's a surprise for someone else, so I won't post pics yet!


Rawmilkstar said...

Lovely gifts!! And thank you for mentioning my PIF meme! Hugs, RM*

Nicole said...

Who knew it would be so tough to GIVE stuff away!

Thank you again for my BE-YOU-TIFUL :-) bag!!