Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Groceries 8-1-07

I just realized that I haven't posted groceries for a month! Partly that's my mini blog hiatus and partly it's because we were travelling and/or having company so much that my grocery bills weren't much to brag about, as they weren't indicative of a typical trip.

But I think I'm back on target!

Total: $69.97
Savings: $39.82
Number of Items: 51
Pick N Save (Mequon)

best deals:
*Huggies flushable wipes double refills; reg. $7.98, sale for $7 minus $3 coupon, so $4 for two double packs
*Raw, frozen shrimp, size large, 2 lb. reg. $16.99 on sale for $9.99
*Pierogies reg. $2.39, on sale for $2.34 minus $1 off coupon doubled (so $0.34 final price)
*Quaker Granola bars, reg. $2.95 a box, on sale for $2 a box, minus $1 off coupon, doubled, so $1 a box final price
*Energizer 8 ct. AA batteries, reg. $6.49 on sale for $4.79, minus $1 off coupon, doubled
*RayOVac 2 ct. D cell batteries, reg. $2.49, minus $1 off coupon, doubled, final price $0.49 (and we need them for the inflatable mattress for camping this weekend)
* Tic-Tacs, reg. $0.79 each, on sale 2/$1 minus $0.55 coupon, doubled--so I was paid $0.10 to buy two packs :)

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