Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In case you were missing all those posts about the remodeling hell...

We've had essentially four days of non-stop rain here. Sometimes it's just drizzling, but oftentimes it's POURING. Our sump pump has been running non-stop, our yard is under water, and the siding on the outside of the house (which had dried so nicely all summer in preparation for paint) is now soaking wet.

Today my friend Nicole came over to see the addition. As I was showing her the upstairs, I looked at the hallway along the stairwell and saw:

If you can't tell, those are watermarks because water is getting into the new roof and running down an inside wall. Because it hadn't rained here since the big mold disaster, we didn't know that such a leak existed.

G. climbed up on the roof and said that the flashing around the chimney had not been properly sealed. He sealed it and promises that it's fixed now.

I wish I could stop myself from wondering "what next?"

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Abby said...

Oh no! I'm glad you found it now, though. My parents just realized that there was a leak in their 10 year old addition that has been there all along, and now has rotted the floor beneath their sunroom.