Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gifts for a new baby

For the first time in a LONG time, a friend of mine had a first baby! Check out the little cutie:


I'm sending them (they used to be local, but moved away four years ago) the following care package:
It includes:

A pumpkin hat, knit roughly from any of the fruit hat patterns you can find online
A taggie, modeled after these
Decorated burp cloths (just cloth diapers with ribbon stitched down the middle)
A picture frame
Hand-made cards from my kids
A home-sewn sling, from directions from my friend Wendy. I started making slings like the Maya wrap, from these directions, but Wendy's pattern has a padded pillow and rails, so I like it a lot!

I was going to link to the directions for sewing a sling from Wendy, but the directions are not online. If you'd like them (in a WORD document), just email me (bfmomma at yahoo dot com) and I'll forward them to you.

Wendy does beautiful photos, so if you're in the metro Milwaukee/Waukesha area, be sure to give her a try. I asked if I could link here, and she said, "I could offer a special sale for anyone coming from your site. How about a mother/child photo in their sling (baby, toddler, whatever size) and/or nursing photos. I'll do a $10 sitting fee if they tell me it's a referral from you or your blog (normally $25). Prints are at my standard prices found on my website. Conditions: I travel to parks and homes for portraits. If they would like a "studio look", it must be done in my home. Expires Dec 1, 2007."

(So look at her website and tell her you came from bfmomma's spot!)

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