Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Day

Over a week late (again Blogger wouldn't let me post pics...), but here's the Christmas wrap-up...

The tree, surrounded by gifts:

Santa's gift to the three kids:

C. and T.'s reaction to the Santa gift:

All three kids opening a gift (Whoonu):

The aftermath (mess) of the gift opening:

M's drum set (yes, Grandma got her a *drum set*!):

Uncle S. playing Simpson's Operation while Grandpa looks on:

T. and Uncle S. in their maroon shirts and jeans, reading "Oh, Yuck!":

Some great gifts that each of us got:

C: iPod nano Red 4 GB (has all the music she likes and her pictures, and isn't half full yet; and $10 of the purchase price goes to fight global AIDS)

T: MarioGolf for GameBoy; Star Wars Lego for GameBoy; several Prima Pokemon strategy guides; Calvin & Hobbes book; "Oh, Yuck!" book

M: drum set (did you need to ask?) and Dora's Talking House

me: new car stereo with auxillary input so I can plug my Dell DJ straight in and not have to use the stupid FM transmitter that never works!!!

G: tons of new, fancy-schmancy golf balls

everyone: the Cranium game "Whoonu" which has been played multiple times every day since we got it!


Stefaneener said...

A drum set.
The mind boggles. You know, Thing 2 has wanted one for a long time. Your living room doesn't look that bad after the excitement, and that game seems like a GREAT idea. We need more family game suggestions. Do you have to read to play?

Abby said...

Looks like a fun xmas morning! I bet that drum set is fun to listen you have a place she can play where you don't have to hear it?