Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Thursday (ok, TWO Thursdays ago, since blogger wasn't letting me post pictures...) was my 37th birthday. M. asked me why grownups don't get to have birthday parties. I think she was worried that one day she'd no longer get a birthday party, but I'm not sure...

Anyway, I didn't get a birthday party, but it worked out that I did get a very nice birthday "gift". G. works for the University of Wisconsin system and as such, belongs to various committees. These committees will occasionally have meetings at different locations in Wisconsin--often a short drive away, but sometimes a longer drive away. If it's over 50 miles, he gets to stay at a hotel that offers the "state rate" for these gatherings. On Friday and Saturday, he had a meeting that was held at the Osthoff Resort, and I got to go along! This was the first night we've had away from the kids since I was pregnant with M.

Some photos of our suite:

Full kitchenette; living room area with a fireplace and TV with all sorts of movies, games, satellite music stations; huge king-sized bed; private patio; double whirlpool tub and separate shower...

We also went to this funky restaurant a few blocks from the resort, called the Back Porch Bistro. I had a wonderful soup made of all sorts of funky root vegetables and fruits, and a mixed greens salad with fruit and cheese. It was fantastic!

T. had so much fun staying at his friend's house that he wasn't ready to be picked up when I got home (they went to see Night At the Museum). The girls stayed with our neighbors and they, too, had a wonderful time. M., on her first night away from me, didn't even miss me!


sewingsuzee said...

Happy day it was! So nice for M to have a big sis. I appreciated that a lot with J-Man and overnights.

The place looks lovely, and I'm so impressed that you're continuing your healthy eating habits even while on a birthday splurge!

New Mama said...

Belated happy birthday!