Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas Eve

When my brother and I were growing up, we got to exchange our Xmas gifts to each other on Xmas eve (it helped cut down the excitement somewhat and allowed us to sleep a bit better Xmas eve night!), so we've continued that tradition with my kids.

The sibling exchange:
C. gave T. two stuffed Pokemon characters
T. gave M. a green Mega T-Rex
M. gave C. a Ty stuffed emperor penguin
C. gave M. a Backyardigans bath set
M. gave T. a "Look Inside the Frog" book
T. gave C. portable speakers for her iPod

and then the kids opened their new jammies (another traditional gift so we have cute pictures the next day ;)):

and then they crawled into bed to sleep sweet dreams before Xmas day:


sewingsuzee said...

So sweet! And Cara is starting to look so much like you. Fun for you both!

New Mama said...

Aww! Will you adopt me? lol

Dar said...

So cute! And I agree, C looks a lot like you... and she looks so happy pening her speakers!

Abby said...

So cute - and they look so happy. I love C's expression when opening her gift. Our kids opened their yearly ornament xmas eve. I actually almost forgot, but Alex reminded me!