Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sickness update

Two people on antibiotics now...

M's ear IS infected. The protocol for ear infection treatment is to wait 24-48 hours after diagnosis before starting an antibiotic, since most ear infections will clear up on their own. I am on board with this switch in protocol, and we did that when T's ear was infected last month. HOWEVER, you have to remember that this is the kid who broke two bones (a leg and an arm) and neither time complained any more than refusing to use said broken limb. She was SCREAMING and whining and in obvious pain with this ear thing, so I filled the prescription. I think it's already helping and I think (hope) I made the right choice.

And the doctor said that, for me, ten days with my sinus pressure and everything else meant time for an antibiotic as well.

So here we are, ten days of meds and dealing with all the tummy upsets and probiotics... But with any luck, we'll be completely healed by Christmas!


Abby said...

:(( I hope you all feel better soon.

amy said...

yea, ditto - hope you're all well by christmas - it's not terrible timing, really. (and shhhh, it's not official, but I think my sister's youngest has the pox!)