Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mostly caught up (but still sick...)

Since my last overwhelmed post, I've gotten caught up on a lot of stuff.

*decorated inside and out for the holidays
*hosted TWO gatherings (Soup night for several families and C's friend Xmas party)
*have all but 1 1/2 knit gifts completed! (email if you want to peek...)
*cooked some more and stored lots of blog food posts to release one-a-day
*completed the holiday card (email if you didn't get one and want the URL)

However, this cold has completely knocked me on my butt and my house is now trashed. In addition, M. woke up screaming in the middle of the night with a 101 temp and complaints of her ears and mouth hurting. We both have appointments with the doctor this afternoon and I am hopeful that we'll both be better before Christmas.

I'm going to cram a bunch of stuff into this one catch-up post.

Friday M. had her fall zoo class--Penguin Power! This is the last zoo class that I'll be able to attend, as M. turns 4 in January, and the kids can do child-alone classes at age 4. M. was very excited to share all that she learned with C. (the real penguin fan in the family). Here's a picture of M. in the penguin costume she made:

And Friday afternoon was T's school's Winter Concert. It's strange that he's my only kid at the elementary school this year (C. was there last year and M. will be there next year). The third graders learned Carol of the Bells on the recorder! Here's a picture of him the morning of the concert:

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Abby said...

I love M's costume and T looks so handsome!