Friday, March 31, 2006


Today at the kids' school is Crazy Hair Day--perhaps my kids' favorite special day of the year. They plan what to do with their hair for months ahead of time. T has been growing his hair since Xmas, in anticipation of cutting a mohawk for Crazy Hair Day. However, when this week arrived, he got all teary at the prospect of cutting off his mop (he loves to thrash his head in time to Green Day). So we took the conservative route and simply did tiny ponies all over his head, and then sprayed glitter hairspray all over. C. had received some wash-out hair dye from the Easter Bunny last year and she saved it all year for Crazy Hair Day. So we colored her hair last night, and then I put it up in tiny braids, which she took out this morning, resulting in funky, kinky red hair. It was getting in her face, though, so we put it in two poofy ponies on the top of her head. Here's a pic:

And a close-up of each of them--C's is before we did the ponies:

We also had C's 11 YO well-child check yesterday (and got her camp form filled out). She is 56" tall and weighs 81 lbs--both between the 25th and 50th percentiles for her age. No growth spurt yet, but she's waiting...


Stefaneener said...

They're just so. . . big.

And gorgeous. Do you think Crazy Hair Day will prevent them from wanting to make their hair shocking in, oh, I don't know, 6-8 years?

sewingsuzee said...

Yes, gorgeous is the word.

As we say several times a week, here..."nice HAIR!"