Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Junior Art Docent

I had mentioned previously that C. was involved in the Art Docent program at the MAM. This is a three year program for grades 3, 4, and 5, which culminates in the 5th graders choosing a piece from the museum, learning all they can about the piece and the artist, creating a reproduction of the piece, and presenting all the information, along with their personal aesthetic response (in any other art form) at a final graduation. C.'s graduation was yesterday.

She choose Right After by Eva Hesse for her piece. She created a reproduction mounted on a wooden base (Dad cut things with the power tools, but she assembled it) and composed of fishing line and hot glue hung from hand-made "hooks". Here's a photo of C. presenting her research:

Here's a picture of her reproduction:

Here she is, reading the poem that she wrote for her aesthetic response.
(and the text of the poem):

Right After
by C.

You caught my eye, with your mystic look.
Your slick pattern of stars
Casts a beautiful shadow of circus tents.

Your life was sad, with an early death and lots of suffering.
The creation of you was like a rebirth,
For now you are the piece I so greatly admire.

I feel drawn to you. I have climbed into your life,
But will not change who you are
And who you will always be.

And here's a collection of pictures of C. with her piece, and some of her friends with their pieces. (Pictures aren't fantastic since you can't use a flash in the Art Museum)


A said...

That is really cool - good job, C!

sewingsuzee said...

Wow. Just wow.

The piece C chose was fantastic, and her representation was even more fantastic and her poem even more fantastic than that.

Very cool.

Dar said...

Very cool! What a neat program. And C looks so poised and grown-up in those photos...

Rain said...

What a great program! I loved your daughter's poem, such mature insight.