Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mom to an 11-year-old

Eleven years ago today, at 12:46 pm, C. was born and I became a parent. This began an amazing journey, which changed just about everything about me. I don't think I'd recognize myself eleven years ago. My children have taught me so very much. And C. was (and is!) the guinea pig! We tease her that first children are for making mistakes so that we can be perfect parents for the rest. She's been a very patient kid for all of this.

Because the kids had a half day of school last Friday, we had her party then. She invited four friends over and first we had lunch:

Then we went to A Touch of Glaze to paint pottery. Here are some pictures from that adventure:

(I'll pick up the finished pieces tomorrow and post pictures of them then!)

After pottery, we headed back to our place for pizza and cake (C. chose chocolate with raspberry cream filling):

And here's one picture from this morning, when she opened her gifts from her siblings:
After school today we'll do the rest of her gifts, and go out to eat (she chose Qdoba).

UPDATE: She's opened her gifts and here are pics of the birthday girl, modeling two new outfits:


New Mama said...

Happy Birthday C.! And smart girl -- I love Qdoba!

pancakegoddess said...

Happy Birthday Cara!
(don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I adore her glasses - very hip)

Stefaneener said...

Awww, happy birthday! I remember when she and Thing 1 were just little lumps. . . And now she's so grown up with dimples. And such good taste - rasperry cake, yum!

sewingsuzee said...

Sooooooo grown up. Doesn't it kinda blow your mind? Having an almost 14yo does mine!

Looks like a great party!