Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another sock update

Since A. asked ever so nicely, I am including some pics of the hand-dyed yarn, as it's knitting up so far. I was going to do a regular swatch, but then remembered I'd have to do it with circular needles to get it to look right and.... well, I decided to just go ahead and start the socks. As far as over-dying, I can just as easily over-dye an already-knit sock, right?

so here's where I am:

That doesn't show the colors very well, so here's a close-up:

I think I'm happy with the way they look, overall. The "problem", I think, is that I really really dislike brown and orange! So I don't know if I'll be happy when these are done or not! lol... If it's okay, I'll ask all of you blog-readers to let me know, when I'm done, if they look okay or if I should overdye them with brown.

And I have to say that this yarn ROCKS! omg, I was fighting with that stupid acrylic stuff... holes were big and noticeable, and the yarn wasn't flexible and... This is just such a pleasure to knit with! I'm not rushing at all--just enjoying knitting with it!


sewingsuzee said...

LOOOOOVE it! Don't change a thing!

Stefaneener said...

Oh man, it is GORGEOUS. She'll be delighted. I would be delighted!