Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brag about Customer Service

Oftentimes we are quick to complain about customer service (watch for an upcoming post about Pick N Save!), but not so quick to brag about good customer service. This is a brag.

After crushing my wedding ring in the van door, I found out that the local jeweler (who designed my engagement ring 16 years ago and my wedding ring over 14 years ago) had closed. I asked on a local email list for recommendations and got three. I chose to go to the closest one and see what they'd charge to fix the ring.

I walked into Donnybrook Fair Jewelers in Whitefish Bay and showed them the ring. The woman working there looked at it and said, "I should be able to fix this right now". I should have asked how much they'd charge, but I wanted the ring fixed and I figured it couldn't be too much if she could fix it right then.

Less than ten minutes later (and while T. and M. roamed around the jewelry store, being rather loud), she came out and handed me the ring. Not only was it round again, she'd polished it up and cleaned it and it looked better than it had for a LONG time! I put it on, raved, and asked, "how much?" The woman said, "oh, no charge!"

You could not have surprised me more. And I cannot recommend them highly enough.

My ring is back. Yay!!!


mamafitz said...

local businesses ROCK! (sorry to hear the tale of my socks.)

Cindy said...

How cool that they fixed it for free! It looks great!