Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Parties (and a dance)

(Let me start this post by saying what a difference a new mouse makes! I tried to enter a few blog posts all weekend long and was swearing Blogger up one side and down the other. New mouse=happy bfmomma)

It was a busy weekend of dressing up here. It started w/ C's middle school dance. There was no *dancing* with boys, but lots of *talking* with boys. I think I like that alternative! Pictures from "before":
On Saturday, C. had a Halloween costume party to attend. She wanted to go Goth, so she wore the outfit I wore a few years back. Dare I say that she looks quite a bit cuter in it than I did?
And last night T. had a Halloween party to attend. He's going to be Darth Vader for ToTing and another party we will attend on Saturday, but he wasn't supposed to wear a mask, so he resurrected C's Mad Scientist costume from last year:

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Abby said...

They both look great!