Monday, October 22, 2007


Grandma has been asking exactly what these Webkinz things are, so I told her I'd send a picture.

So, taken from the Webkinz website, here they are:

C's Cheeky Monkey:
T's Polar Bear:
M's Koala:
Both T. and C. earned a Leopard on WR Insiders:

And M. saved her allowance for a LilKinz Tree Frog:
As much as I balked at these initially, they're a pretty cute gimmick. For $10-$15, you get a cute stuffed animal and a code to go on the WebKinz website, where you can play with an animated version of your pet, take care of it, play games, earn points and "buy" things for the animated animal.

Even G. was playing the games!

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Katie said...

I balked at them too - "not another stuffed animal!", but I agree. My kids have a blast with them and it is something they can all agree on and enjoy together. They send eachother "presents" all the time and the bigger ones help the youngest type things with no complaining. Totally worth the $.