Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got my first blog award ;)

AlexYearOne just gave me this:

My bloglines roll has expanded to 98 feeds (blogs I subscribe to), and I have no clue how I first found most of those. Her blog is an example. Many blogs I add and then quickly delete when I realize it's not worth my time to read all the fluff. But I have really been enjoying this blog! I was talking with some friends at Kindergarten drop-off yesterday about the decision to have a third baby. While I *thought* I was done after T. was born, I never fully committed ;) However, I knew immediately after M. was born that our family was complete. I am still very comfortable with that decision (good thing, since there's no going back for dear G.), and most of the time I am so happy (when I watch the other moms chasing wild toddlers, or hear them complaining about sore nipples or potty training or no sleep at night) that I'm done with that part of my life.

Anyway, I love reading Dawn's blog and her re-telling of Alex's birth and stories from his first year are so honest, and yet so sweet...

(And I'm still VERY convinced that three is the perfect amount of kids for us!)

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dawn224 said...

You're welcome :) and thank you!