Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple Picking!

It was a beautiful day for apple picking.
The younger girls may have eaten more than they picked:
Aren't the best apples always at the top of the tree? (Actually, in this case, the ones at the top were horrible!)
We picked lots of Cortland apples (the best, IMO, for cooking with) and then went out for a late lunch.

When we were getting back into the vans, I leaned in to put M. in her carseat after opening my door. A gust of wind slammed the driver's door on my hand. I saw it happen and felt oddly removed from my body, but couldn't pull my hand free. I reached over and opened the door and that's when my hand started hurting. Look at what the door did to my wedding ring:

I could barely get the ring off my finger, it was so misshapen. After all that, it's amazing that this is all that happened to my hand:
(just a sore where the ring dug in)

I feel very lucky that no bones were broken (or, as my neighbor informed me, that my finger wasn't sliced off by the car door!)


New Mama said...

Oh man, ouch! I hope the pain isn't too bad and your finger heals quickly. I slammed the tip of my right index finger in a car door once (while I was at my nanny job...try changing diapers with a big swollen painful finger!).

Can the ring be fixed, do you think?

Abby said...

yikes! I'm glad you're OK. The ring may have saved your finger.

Cindy said...

Ouch! So glad it turned out to not be hurt too badly.

Suna said...

OMG, that looks horrible. I just went to your blog from Ravelry because we were in so many of the same Groups and your user name reminded me of someone I used to know in a nonprofit organization where I used to work.

Anyway, hi, and heal quickly.

Ilix said...

Not a great end to the day! Looks like you had some fun before the accident.