Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Groceries, 9/11/07

I haven't posted all my grocery shopping trips. I joined the brand new Costco and have done some stocking up/bulk buying there. It's not as easy (or fun) to post those sales, since I don't know exactly how much I've "saved" over other places' regular prices. But I will say that Costco is SO much better than Sam's Club (IMO) that I'm very happy I joined!

But I did have a good trip to Pick N Save today. I'm hoping to shop there less and less, since they've eliminated double coupon Wednesdays (grrrr!) and, of course, since I joined Costco. My *hope* is to do the majority of shopping for items that don't go on sale (and party stuff) at Costco, to buy produce at Sendik's or Farmer's Markets, and use Pick N Save to *only* buy their loss-leader items. Hope it'll work!

Total: $75.48
Savings: $58.71
Number of Items: 48
Pick N Save

best deals:
Colgate toothpaste reg. $2.59, on sale for $0.99, minus $0.75 coupon, final: $0.24
Filippo Berio olive oil, reg. $5.89, on sale for $4, minus $1 coupon, final: $3.00 (this is the brand that Costco carries in bulk, so I wanted to try a smaller bottle first)
Ziploc bags, reg. $2.75 each, on sale for $2, minus $1.50 coupon, final: $1.25 each
Barber stuffed chk. breasts, reg. $4.49, on sale B1G1F, minus $1 coupon, final: $1.75 for a 2-pk.

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mamafitz said...

the costco is up in grafton, right? why do you like it better than sam's club (our membership there expires next july). how much was the costco membership?